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What models and years of Land Rovers do you service?

All of them. Whether you drive a newer model LR4 or an early ‘90’s Range Rover LWB Classic - we know the vehicle. We also regularly see early Series trucks, Range Rover Sports, P38’s, Discoverys, Defenders and Freelanders.

Are your prices better than the dealership?

Yes. Our overhead is less which allows our shop rate to be more competitive.

What type of repairs do you specialize in?

All of them. North Texas British is a full-service shop.

Are you affiliated with Land Rover?

No. We are an independent business that services Land Rover vehicles but is not affiliated with the brand.

Do you handle warranty repairs?

No. Only the dealership can perform warranty repairs.

If I bring the parts will you install them?

This depends on the situation. We tell our customers there are many variables when it comes to repairs. Sometimes a part isn’t right. Sometimes you actually need additional parts. It’s often best to let your shop diagnose what your Land Rover needs and what it doesn’t. With accessories we often install what the customer brings in. But check with us before you buy - we might be able to get the same piece for a better price.

Do you do complete restorations?

Yes. Although we do limit the number of restoration projects we take on due to the time involved. If you have a vehicle you’re looking to restore let’s visit about it and try and make it happen.

Do you do little things like oil changes?

Yes. Preventative maintenance is a big part of owning a Land Rover.

Do you know where I can find trails to take my Land Rover?

Yes. North Texas has a number of great places you can legally take your truck to play. Visit texasrovers.org for a list of nearby trails as well as dates for the annual SCARR rally.